Corll Homes in History

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The following pictures depict some of the Corll houses still in existence in the late 1900's

The Austin Log Cabin, seen below, is very similiar to the log cabin once owned by John Corll,sr.  John purchased the land in 1816 which is located north of Burgett Rd.  The Austin Log Cabin was built in 1814.  It is located on the northeast corner of Raccoon Road and Burgett Road. On the Austintown Twp. map of 1874 this small plat (around 6 acres) was owned by H. Wehr(The Wehrs are related to the Corlls). On the NW quadrant of this intersection is a 10 acre plat owned by a cousin J. Forney.  Going east on Burgett Rd. is a 20 acre plat owned by Jos. Ebling. This land would be owned later by Cornelious and Sarah Corll (John Corll,sr's grandson) Cornelious and Sarah had no children.  Cornelious farmed the land. In the 1970's no buildings existed on this land except for a wooden outhouse.  The next particle of land adjacent to the east and north of Burgett Rd.  was the 30 acre parcel of Land purchased by John Corll Sr. and Lydia Forney Corll in 1816 from John and Alice Frazer.  In 1818 they purchased another parcel of Land from their cousins John and Mary Linn. The cost was $235.00.

The log cabin of John Corll,sr and Lydia Forney Corll

It is not known wheter John and Lydia built the log cabin or purchased one already built by Austin a land developer in rhe area. On the 1874 Atlas of Mahoning County there is a house symbol showing a building location near the center of this plat of 30 acres.  John was a farmer and would later purchase more land to farm which was adjacent to the south located in Canfield Twp. It was 35 acres in size. This entire area is now an urban housing development.   (see picture below)

Frank & Mary Lynn Corll Homestead (right)

The house once owned by Frank and Mary Lynn Corll is still in existence as of 2001 ad. (see picture below) Sometimes it is difficult to see as it is surrounded by blooming follage during the spring and summer..  It is located on a parcel of 18 acres on plat 17 of Austintown Twp., Mahoning CO., Ohio. It is on the N.W quadrant of the intersection of Meridian and Kirk Roads.  It is a two story wooden framed house.  Frank was in several trades as a businessman and a farmer. He was growning and selling hay  He also produced and sold cider. Frank married Mary Ellen Lynn as one of the many relationships with the Lynns and Corlls.  His father Peter Corll had the estate diagnally across the road on an 90 acre plat. The house is no longer in existence. Peter married Sarah Rupright as one of the marriages of the Corll-Rupright connections.

The David and Lydia Forney Corll Homestead

Pictured below is the two story framed house of David and Lydia Forney Corll. It is located on Kirk Road in plat 18 in SE Austintown Twp. of Mahoning CO. This parcel has 75 acres. Later David and Lydia purchased  an ajacent 23 acres of land in plat 19.  I The existing house looks like the old framed house but one that was remodelled sometime in the early 1900s.  This is the home where David and Lydia reared a large family.  David was a farmer. On the parcel of 75 acres there is a spring fed pond. Later this site became the well known "Rose Lake" swimming area. David and Lydia were surounded by relatives-his son Reuben Corll's estate adjacent and east; Nicholas Forney (Lydia's father) and later John Hanwork (Lydia's brother-in law) adjacent and to the west, and cousin William Rupright south of them.

Samuel & Elizabeth (Betsy) Wehr Homestead (below)

Samuel and Elizabeth (Betsy) Wehr Corll's homestead is still in existence (2000 AD).  It is located  around a half mile sourth of Cornersburg, Ohio on Tippicanoe Road. It is a two story framed house located on a hill and on the west side of the road. The parcel; of land is 73 acres of plat 16, Canfield Twp., Mahoning CO., Ohio.  Samuel was a brother of Peter and David. He married Betsy Wehr connecting the Wehr-Corll connections.  By 1899 Samuel's son is farming 29 acres of the original homestead in addition to his 51 acres a short distance south on plat 15. (see picture below)

Martin and Laura Etta Flick Homestead (below))

Martin Corll's homestead was still existing in the 1990's.  It may currently not exist.  Martin is a son of David Corll. He married a Laura Etta Flick.  Their hometead was a 23 acre parcel on plat 19 of Austintown Twp., Mahoning CO., Ohio.It was located on the same land of his father David. It is west of Raccoon Road just a quarter mile north of the intersection of Kirk and Raccoon Roads (Handworks Corners). Martin did some farming but his major business was a blacksmith.  He had his blacksmith shop prior to WWI at the NE corner of Watch Corners.

Charles & Jennie Gibbons Corll Homestead (below))

The Charles and Jenny Gibbons Corll Homestead is still in existence in 2008.  It belongs to Paul Corll and Paul's nephew and niece.  The house was built in the 1850s as an English "salt-box" style house.  The large room addition making it a "salt Box" was added in 1861.  Some Civil War era newspaper were used as insulation around the windows. It is a seven room wooden framed house with aluminum siding,  Charles Corll was a brother of Martin Corll,  He married Jennie Gibbons of Canfield, Ohio. They purchased the house in the 1890's.  The house is located about a mile west of Smiths Corners on the north side of Kirk Road.  Charles was a farmer of the parcel of land in plat 23 of Austintown Twp., Mahoning CO., Ohio.  The farmland behind the house was sold to the Austintown Township Park.

Jefferson and May Alice Clay Corll Homestead 1890s (below)

About a mile west of Smiths Corners on Kirk Road in Austintown, Ohio is the existing home of Jefferson and Mary Alice Clay Corll.  It started out at @ 54 acres in plat 23 of Austintown.  The acreage grew in size as succeeding generations in the family purchased more land for farming.  In the 1900s Jefferson's son Chqunce became the owner.  He was married to Harriette Amanda Freed.  They had three children: Mary Ellen, Lewis and Chauncey  "Jay."  Jay Corll is the current owner.  He is married to Alice Jean Hopes.  He sold off the back acreage to the Austintown Township Park while retaining the frontage and house.

Eli and Elizabeth Corll Neff Homestead

One of the children of David and Lydia Corll was Elizabeth.  She married an Eli Neff and lived in this house found on the Canfield-Niles Road of Austintown. The land used to be his father's Jonas and mother's  Sarah Neff. The land is located in plat 10. It used to be 47 acres in size. It was subdivided by the time Eli acquired it (see picture below)

Francis I. and Idelle Fusselman Corll 's Home

Francis the grandson of David Corll married and Idelle Fusselman.  They lived on the Canfield-Niles Road for a few years after marriage. In the meantime they built a house on Kirk Road @ a mile west of Smith's Corners.  They had two children: Robert and Paul.  Over the years they acquired Francis' father's homestead.  In the 1950s Francis and Idelle acquired the Vantyle Estate to the east.  Later Francis sold off all the farmland which became the beginning of the  Austintown Township Park.  Along with the sale of the back farmland of cousin Chaunce Jay Corll  the park is the current size today (2008).(see picture below)

Jonathan and Anna Maria Sechler Corll Homestead

If one was to look in the Trumbull Atlas of 1874 you would find a picture of the Jonathan and Anna Maria Sechler Corll's homestead,  Jonathan and Maria came to Hubbard in 1828.. They purchased land on the  east side of Hubbard,Ohio in Trumbull County. They had a large family which married and moved to areas around Hubbard to Mercer, PA.  Leading to their homestead is the road  named "Corll,"  The house is no longer in existence as the area has had a house- building activity,  Jonathan was a farmer.  His descendants lived in the house all the way into the late 1900s.(see picture below)