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Annotation of Past Issues

The "CORLL COUSINS" is a booklet of 20 to 45 pages published annually. The early issues gave information about the Corlls and relatives today.  Each issue contained some history of the family and related families. The issues were sent free of charge to all relations  and to historical, genealogical societies, public libraries, etc. The circulation distribution runs between 180 to 210 recepients.

The contents center around historic features. The Corll Cousins periodical was initiated in 1995 by Paul and Vivian Corll of Florida.  The booklet, which ranges from 25 to 60 pages, features recent social events and activities of the extended family. The circulation ranges around 200. Below is a listing of some of the historical topics in addition to recent social part.  Some issues focus on one topic only.


1. Christmas 1995; Vol.1, Issue 1: The first issue of the Corll Cousins:feature story about David and Lydia Forney Corll (pictures and 1874 map of their homestead )

2. Vol. 1 Issue 2, June 1996: Featured topics: The neglect of cemetery care; The meaning of given names; The David Corll Family Bible


3 .Vol.2, Issue 3, Dec, 1996 Featured story-Maple Sugar Time on the Corll Farm Pictures of sugar camp); At Home In Christmasses Past (drawings of past Corll houses and map); Doc Miller and Model Trains

4. Vol 2, Issue 4, June, 1997: Featured story-Corlls Migrate from Germany to the New World (maps); Helman Carl Family Tree; Nature Trails Lead to Beauty (Austintown Park once own by the Corll Family)

5. Vol. 3, Issue 5, December, 1997: Featured stories-Dr. Miller Discusses His Life and Family History;  Ancestral Home Stars in Movie; Floyd Corll Descendants Hold Annual Reunion; Mildred Hitsman Sends Family Pictures;  and The Village Blacksmith- Martin Corll (pictures).

6.Vol.4, Issue 6, June,1998: Ohio Reunions Remembered-30 years ago (pictures); the Corlls and Fusselmans have stars named for them; Rosella Corll plays vintage marimba; the Corll Roots of Clare and Agnes Bogert;  and the Descendants of the early 18th and 19th century Corlls (many pages of graphs).

7. Vol.4, Issue 6, December, 1998: Featured stories: A Tribute ToThe Memory of David and Lydia Forney Corll (many pages of text, maps, and The David Corll Family Bible, marriage license and pictures).

8. Vol. 4, Issue 7, June,1999: Featured story-The Early German Lutheran and Reformed Settlers in the Old North Cemetery, Canfield, Mahoning Co., Ohio (many pictures and maps).

9.Vol.5, Issue 8: December, 1999:Featured story- The New Millennium; Vivian Helmey Morgan’s Family History; What’s New at Handwork’s Corners?,  and  the Public Sale of the Estate of Nicholas Forney.


10. Vol.5, Issue 9, June, 2000: Cover Story-Peter & Sarah Rupright Corll and David & Lydia Forney Corll

11. Vol.6. Issue 10, December, 2000: Featured story-Memoirs Starring Carrie Corll Lang (many pictures and pages of text)

12. Vol 6, Issue 11, January 2001: The Tie That Binds- descendants of Johannes Helmuth Carl; and Dewey Manila Bay Upole (descendants of the Upole Family-many pictures and pages of text).

13. Vol. 6, Issue 12, June, 2001: Featured story- The Forney Connection (manmy pictures and pages of text) ; the Induction of the Corlls and Forneys into the First Families of Ohio Organization

14. Vol. 7, Issue 13. December, 2001: Stories on the days gone by of Myron Corll: the Joseph Cameron Orr Family;Jeremiah Corll and Israel, Charles and Jennie Gibbons Corll and Mary O’Shall Corll.

15. Vol.7, Issue 14, June, 2002: Featured story-The Last Ride of Lydia Ann (Corll)

16. Vol.8, Issue 15,July, 2003: Featured Story: The Lynn, Bauley, Corl Connection (many pages of pictures, text ,maps, family tree charts)

17. Vol. 8, Issue 18, October, 2003: Francis and Idelle Fusselman Corll.

18. Vol. 9, Issue 16, November, 2004. Featured story-A Page Out of Yesterday, 1940

19.Vol.9, Issue 17, July ,2005 : The entire issue titled or Military Service to Our Country" is dedicated to the Corlls and relatives who served in the armed forces from the Revolutionay War to trhe Iraqi War.

20. Vol. 9. Issue 18: "December, 2006 "The Story of John Corll, sen."  The entire issue is about John Corll,sen, and Barbara Bailey who were two of the early settlers of Austintown Twp., Canfield Ohio.. Both are members of  "The First Families of Ohio."

21. Vo;.10. Issue 1: May,2008:"The David Corll Story".  The entire issue describes David Corll , wife Lydia Forney,and their children who were early Corll family members living in Austintown Twp., Austintown, Ohio. They lived on the farm which would be later known in the middle 1900s as "Rose Lake."