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This chapter contains specific pictures of the Francis Corll Family. For pictures of the extended family of cousins.aunts,uncles,etc.go to Family Portraits Part 1,2,3, etc.

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Corll Homestead 1950's. English Saltbox, built c. 1840.Kirk Road, Austintown, OH. This house is located in front of the Austintown Township Park. The acreage behind it was sold to Austintown Township for the creation of the park,

Idelle Fusselman Corll, 10/12/07--9/12/1980 & Francis Corll, 3/13/1904--9/29/1982, buried Greenhaven Cem., Canfield, OH. Franci was born in Austintown and Idelle was born in Warren,Ohio. After they were married they lived a short time north of Smith Corners on the Canfield-Niles Road. In the 1930's they built a house west of Smth Corners on Kirk Road. Both of the houses are still in existence (2008).

David Corll house. Known in 1900's as Rose Lake. Kirk Rd., Austintown, OH. This was an old homestead built during the latter half of the 1800's. It was remodeled several times. The Corll descendants sold the property during the early 1900's. In the middle of the 1900s it was a popular public swimming park attraction for many decades. It was open to the public and the went private as racial segregation criticisnm got it into the news, Finally the swiumming facilities were closed. The spring fed pond which was used for the pool still exists.

David Corll, early pioneer of Austintown, Ohio. David was the son of John Corll,sr. John.sr.. was an ealy settler in Austintown around 1815. He raised a large family located on Burgett Road just west of the Austint Log Cabin. When David got married to Lydia the two of them moved just a short distance north of John sr's residence into the "Rose Lake Home".

Lydia Forney Corll: Lydia was the daughter of Nicholas Forney. Nicholas came from Unity, Ohio which is located south of Youngstown.Ohio. He and his wife had around 14 children. They moved from nity to Austintown,Ohio. Nicholas owned land adjacent to the land where his daughter Lydia and David would begin their married lives. Nicholas own a large amount of land on the the NW and SW quadrants of the intersection of Kirk and Raccoon Roads.

Austin Log Cabin: This log cabin is located on Raccoon Road just south of Kirk Road in Austintown Twp., Mahoning CO. ,OH. Austin was a housing builder in the area and built many log cabins for the German settlers in the area of the early 1800s. The township would be named after him. No doubt this same type of dwelling look like the one of John Corll,sr who lived in the same period just a short distance east of this cabin on Burgett Road.

Old North Church: This church used to be located about mile north of Canfield, Ohio on the Canfield-Niles Road. It was located across the road from the Old North Cemetery which exists today. In the middle of the 20th century it was move south ro the village of Canfield on the same road, where it was remodeled and exists today(2008). This is the church where the 19th century Corlls worshipped.

Smith's Corners One Room Schoo;house: This on room framed schoolhouse was located a short distance west of Smiths Corners on Kirk Road.. It was used from the late 1800s until World War One when a consolidation of schools for the township began with a large school being constructed at Austintown, The Corlls and relatives if this era attended this one room school.

Charles and Jenny Gibbons Corll: Charles and Jennie lived in the Old Salt Box style home previously pictured. Charles was a farmer. He was born in the Rose Lake home already mentioned. Jennie came from the Gibbons family who lived on Calla Road south of Canfield, OH