Family Portraits, Part Three

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Family Portraits Part Three; The following are group pitures of Corlls and related cousins.

Any observer f this section of the web site who has Corll-relations pictures to share then please send them to                                                                                                                      Below is a group picture of Robert Corll,jr.'s family,  They live in in Youngstown, Boardman, and Canfield (Mahoning County), Ohio..

Rachel b0rn June 30,1979 married on Feb.14,1998 James Kostelic born Mar.17,1977; They have three children:Gavin b.June 4,1998; Payton b. Aug.2,2001 and Riley b.Nov.1,2003,  Amy b.Dec,15,1979 married on Oct.8,2005 Robert Leonard. They have one child Isabella b.Jan.2007. Stephen b.Nov.5,1981 married on Feb. 5,2004 Monique Campbell.  They have one child Bryanna Elizabeth b.Sept.4,2004.  Stephen served in the army during the Iraqi War.

Wedding Ceremony at the Grace Nazarine Church in Youngstown,Ohio: Robert Corll,jr. married Mary Ann Esker on Sept.5, 2003. Robert Corll,jr. (Robert,sr, Charles, David, John sr., Henry, Helmuth) born Mar.13,1951 Youngstown,OH, married Mary Elizabeth Maher b. Apr.21, 1954 and died Nov. 21,2001. To this union were born three children: Rachel b. Jan.30,1977, Amy born Dec.15,1978 and Stephen born Nov. 5,1881. Mary Elizabeth died of cancer. On Mar. 5,2003 Robert jr. remarried Mary Ann Esker born Mar. 20,1948. In this picture from left to right is Jennifer Shearer (Mary Ann's daughter), Mary Ann, Robert Corll jr., Rachel (daughter), Amy (daughter), and Stephen Corll (son)

Ed Corll, born      died (   ) married    In this picture top row r. to l. Leslie Nickelson, Cathy Corll Nickelson, Kendra Corll, Amy Corll. bottom row: l. to r. Susie Corll, Joshua Corll Parkany, Ed Corll, Jerry Parkany, Jason Edward Corll Parkany.  Picture 1996 Edward Corll married Evelyn Goddart, Edward (Plummer,Charles Freeman, Isaac, Jonathan, Henry, Helmuth)  Susie married Jerry Parkany and had two children: Joshua and Jason.

Edward Corll's father was Plummer Corll b.Feb.14,1880. d.Aug.15,1970. Plummer married Emma Louise Ryser b.1886. d.? Edwars sisters were Helen and Esther. His brothers were Oscar and Lewis.. Oscar b.Jan.10,1908, d.June 6.2000 married Freda Wise and had two children Beverly and Marjory. Lewis b.Sept.2,1918, d.Dec.7,2007 married on Oct.13,1945 Helen Melnick and had four children:Judy. James, Margaret and Patricia.

Paul D. Corll of Berlin Center, OH. 1996. (David, Homer, David, John Corll, sr., Henry, Helmuth) born Nov.12,1960   Married JoAnn . In this picture Paul D. Corll, JoAnn, and three children: Michael, David, and Jessica.

In the picture above we have Paul D. Corll. Paul's grandfather was Homer David Corll b.Jan.10,1899, d.Nov.25, 1967 who on Oct.25,1922 married Bertha Irene Thomas b.Mar.21.1905 and d. May 21,1968. They had five children: Freda, Evelyn, Eileen, David and Leonard. Homer was the co founder of the Corll Reunions held in the 1960;s and 1970's in Canfield, Ohio. Paul's father is David Martin Corll b.Dec.25,1929 who on Jan.25,1951 married verna Irene Rummel b.Mar2,1925. Paul's sisters are Lucinda b.June 23,1964 and Alice b.Aug. 30,1958. Paul's brothers are Daniel b.Aug.23,1954 and Mark b.July 3,1956.

In this picture back row l to r: Lester Corll, Don Corll, Willie Corll, Fern Reynolds. front row l to r: Lola Terwilliger (twin), Robyn May, Nola Landphair (twin), Floyd Corll. Picture 1960 at the home of Don and Louise Corll, occasion high school graduation of Mary Ellen Corll. Donald Corll born Feb.17,1915 and died Feb 7,1984 married on Nov.2,1940 Louise Moore. They had three children: Mary Ellen who married Bill Condon, Linda who married Donald Pine and Diana who married Ron Anderson. Don's lineage is (Floyd Jonathan, Jonathan Freeman,  Jonah,  Jonathan,  Henry,  Helmuth).  His father Floyd Jonathan born Nov. 25, 1887 PA and died May 22, 1974 Iowa is on lower right,  On Nov.3,1909 Floyd married Sarah Emeline Powell born Nov. 10,1892 in Kansas and died July 7, 1945 in Iowa.  Don's siblings pictured are William or a"Willie" b. Mar, 27,1911; Robyn born Dec.1, 1912; Nola born Mar.13,1919; Lola born same date:twins), Fern Irene born Oct. 1, 1924; and Lester born Aug. 8, 1930

Don Ernest Corll's family had many children. His father Floyd b.Nov.25,1887, d.May 22,1974 married on Nov 3,1909 Sarah Emeline Powell b.Nov.10,1892, d.July 7,1945. They had seven children pictured above. Don's grandfather was Jonathan Freeman Corll b.Mar.18,1858, d.May 28, 1943 on Dec.11,1879 married Margaret Elizabeth Moore b. They had 15 children: Maria, Katherine, Margaret, Harvey, Clyde, Charles, Alma, Alvah, Orval, Grace, Delpha, William, Joseph, Sadie and Floyd. Don's great grandfather was Jonah b. Nov.11,1824, d.Nov.24,1901 married Susannah b.?. d.Dec.25,1853. They had nine children: Electra, Grace, Elmer, Jennie, Mary. Sarah, Joseph.Jonathan and Aaron

In this picture front row l to r: Mildred Hitsman and her sister Evaline. Back row: Mildred's brothers

Mildred Hitsman b.Dec.26,1914 and her sister Evaline b.Dec,18,1920 and her two brothers above. are part of the family of Clarence Rittenhouse and Mary Elma Corll, Their other sublings are Judson b.Mar.26,1912, Frederick b. Aug.24,1913, Ellen b.Oct.11,1911, Myrna b.Feb.2, 1919, Robert b.Aug.24,1922, Clyde B.Feb.,26,1924, Lila b.Apr.6,1921 and Clayton b.Nov.30,1927. Mildred's grandfather was Freeman P.Corll b. Feb.3,1852 Ohio, d.July 24,1930 MIch.. on Sept. 17,1873 married Mary Ellen Strouse b. Aug.11,1856, d.July 20,1944. Freeman was part of the Corll migration into Michigan from Ohio in the last of the 19th century.; Mildred's greatgrandfather was Peter Corll and his spouse Sarah Rupright. Peter (John Corll sr, Henry, Helmuth).

l to r: Mildred Hitsman's two youngest aunts, Lettie Corll Rittenhouse & Florence Corll Kloosterhouse

See the previous picture's descriptiom.

Martin Corll and his children, circa 1920. 

Martin Corll (David, John sr., Henry, Helmuth) b. Oct.16,1864, d.Dec.14,1927, married Mar.3, 1890 to Laura Etta Flick b.Jan.18,1871, d.Sept. 16,1900. had seven childrem: Clyde E;mer b. June 5,1890 (not pictured), Pearl Irene b. Oct.12,1891. Lydia b.May 8,1895. Homer David b. Jan.10, 1899. Emery Martin b. Aug.13,1901. Arthur Monroe b.Oct 12.1904 (?) and Nora Vio;a b/.Aug. 9, 1894 (?). Martin was a blacksmith and had his shop on the corner of Kirk amd Raccoon Roads in Austintown, Ohio in the late 1800s and early 1900's.

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