Family Portraits, Part Four

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Photo Gallery

My photo page is a perfect place to display photos of family, vacations, products, games, people, and more. On some photo pages, I have the option to add a title or brief description of each photo in the caption beneath it.

1998 photo of all grandchildren of Agnes and Clare Bogert. Back row l. to r. Stephen Ruchs, Todd Ruchs, Rev. Peter Youmans, Robert Shell, Jonathan Ruchs, Joel Ruchs. Sitting l to r: Julie Ruchs Beatty, Rochelle Palmer Wyatt, Susan Snell Cook, Nadine Palmer Vipone, Diana Snell Esten, Kimberly Palmer Griffin. Agnes May Rittenhouse b.ct.3,1919 married Aug,13,1938 Clare Bogert born Feb.25,1917 and died Mar.20,1998. The parents of Agnes were George Rittenhouse b. Aug.9.1889 and d, May 29,1967 wife Lettie Blanch Corll b.Jan.12,1894. Lettie (Freeman P., Peter. John sr., Henry, Helmuth)

Mary Corll family taken circa 1927-28, submitted by Mildred Hitsman.

Mary Elma Corll Rittenhouse: (Freeman, Peter, John, sr., Henry, Helmuth) Mary b.June 9,1888, married on Mar.25,1909 Clarence Rittenhouse b.Oct. 1,1887 and d. Feb.23,1963. They had ten children (eight shown above). The parents of Mary Emma Corll were Freeman P. and Mary Ellen Strouse Corll, Freeman and Mary Ellen had nine children.

l to r: Paul and Jean Cramer, Dorothy and Bob Miller, Gerald Corll,

Above are three siblings of the Arthur Corll Family. Arthur Monroe Corll b.Oct.12,1904; d.June 9,1971 married on Aug.12,1930 Edith M. Carnes b.Nov.11, 1901;d.June 14,1965. Arthur (Martin, David, John sr., Henry, Helmuth) and Edith had six children. Gerald (single) b. Mar.22,1938; Glenna b. Dec.22,1931 married on Oct.25,1955 Paul Cramer b. Jan.18,1931; Dorothy b. Apr.3,1935 married on Aug.24,1955 Robert Miller b.Nov.8.1915; Donna b.Dec,28,1941 married on Sept. 30,1961 Melvin Megown b. Sept.20,1936; Caroline b.Aug. 12,1944 married on May 30,1963 Raymond Wilson b. Mar.9, 1943 and Sandra b. July 1,1947 married Dennis Ray Clark b. June 12,1946.

Seated L to R: Paul R. Corll, Mary Ellen Corll Fink and Earl Dewey "Jim "Fink.  Standing are Rosella and Myron Corll.

Photo taken March, 2000 at the home of Mary Ellen Corll Fink.(Lehigh Acres,Florida): Mary Ellen Corll ( Chaunce J., Jefferson; David; John sr., Henry, Helmuth. Myron Corll (Homer, Edward, Jesse "Jare"; John sr., Henry, Helmuth). Paul (Francis I., Charles, David, John sr., Henry, Helmuth).

Children of Jeremiah and Mary Elizabeth Cramer Corll with their mother, circa 1900.

Jeremiah, born May 22, 1816, died October 31, 1892. Married in May 1842 to Mary Elizabeth Cramer, born Dec. 25, 1821, died March 24, 1904. Jeremiah (Jonathan, Henry, Helmuth) In the picture above top row l to r Charles Sechler Corll; Mary Matilda Orr; Julia Ann Sheakley; Sara Ellen Haggerty; Isaac Madison Corll; bottom row l to r Harriet Emily White; Mother, Mary Elizabeth; Susan Maria Thompson; Louisa Jane Corll. Four of these daughters went by their middle name.

Family of Joseph Cameron Orr and Mary Matilda Corll Orr.

Joseph Cameron Orr born May 25, 1848, Ohio; died January 14, 1931, Iowa. Married on Feb. 13, 1879 to Mary Matilda Corll Orr, born March 23, 1851, PA; died June 19, 1954, Iowa. They had four children: Edmund, b. nov. 28, 1880, Everett, b. April 26, 1882; Matilda, b. March 13, 1884 and Charles, b. June 1, 1886. In the picture top row l to r Matilda, Everett, Edmund. bottom row l to r Joseph Cameron, Charles, and Mary Matilda. Mary Matilda Corll (Jeremiah, Jonathan, Henry, Helmuth)

Paul R. Corll, Vivian A. Morgan Corll, Helen M. Corll, and Mary E. Corll.

Paul R. Corll, b. Feb. 20, 1937; married on August 5, 1961 to Vivian Ann Morgan Corll, b. Feb. 12, 1940, Helen M. Corll, b. Nov. 2, 1965, Mary E. Corll, b. May 24, 1967. Paul R Corll (Francis, Charles, David, John Sr., Henry, Helmuth). Photo circa 2003

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