Family Portraits: Part Two

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Family Portraits Part Two

The photos following are those of the Corll Family and distant relatives who were born before 1970. Any relatives visiting this site who may have additional photos are encouraged to send them to Paul.  Children photos from 1970 to the present day will be shown in another menu designation. Those photos depicted in this "Part Two" are the following:

Gideon Corll and Mary A. Misner

Francis Corll

Harriet Corll and Martin Crum

Emery Corll

Elizabeth Corll Neff and Harriet Corll Crum

Harry Crum and Harriet Corll Crum

Gideon and Mary Ann Mizner:Gideon b.1839 OH; died Jan.12, 1908; (Jesse, Henry, Helmith); married Nov.24,1867 to Mary A. Misner born 1844; died Oct.13,1934; buried in the Village Cem. in North Jackson, Ohio

Francis E. Corll son of Gideon (Gideon,Jesse, Henry, Helmuth) born May 20, 1876; died Dec.22, 1900 by a falling tree limb: buried with parents in the Village Cem. in N. Jackson, Ohio

Harriet Corll (David, John sr., Henry, Helmuth) born May 23,1861 Austintown,OH. died Feb.26,1932; married Martin Crum born Jan.18,1846' died May 7, 1916; adopted Harry Crum/lived at Rose Lake Home

Emery Martin Corll (Martin, David, John sr., Henry, Helmuth) born Aug. 15, 1901; Austintown; died May 11,1967 Austintown; married July 6,1930 to Ella Kathryn Boston born Nov.1, 1903; died Mar. 27,1961

Elizabeth and Harriett Corll (siblings) (David,John sr., Henry, Helmuth) Rlizabeth married Elias Neff and Harriet married Martin Crum, both lived in Austintown,OH Elizabeth & Elias bur. Brunstetter Cem.,Austintown; Harriet and Martin buried Old N. Cem., Canfield.OH

Harry Crum (adopted by Hariett amd Martin Crum;born Aug.25,1894; died July 4,m1861;served in WWI Ohio PVT.CO D engineers;worked at Ohio Works U.S.Steel casting yard;;pictured with mother Harriet Corll Crum' Harry and family lived across the road from the Austin Log Cabin

Raymond E.Corll (Raymond sr., Clyde Henry, Nathan, Samuel, John sr., Henry, Helmuth) born Dec. 27,1929 d.2006; wife Margaret Cunning, married 1953 children:Jack and Jeff both of Columbiana,OH; a farmer, welder

Jean M. Corll born Oct.17, 1940 in Youngstown; daughter of James C. and Marie Kreitzburg McLean.: wife of Robert W. Corll; married July 23,1960; had daughter Debbie of Jupiter, FL and son Jim of Pickerington

Helen and Joseph Frontuto: Helen Loraine Corll (Howard,Ford Leroy, Charles Kistler, Jeremiah, Jonathan, Henry, Helmuth) married Joseph Frontuto on Feb. 21,1981. Helen is the daughter of Howard Leroy and Helen Mae Gorton Corll

Sabrina and Travis Fillmore and baby Briana: Sabrina Lamphere is the daughter of Bonnie Lou Corll and Edward Lamohere. Bonnie is the daughter of Howard Leroy and Helen Mae Gorton Corll. Howard is a descendant of the Helmuth Corll lineage.

Bonnie Corll and Jerry Byers: Bonnie Corll-daughter of Howard and Helen Gorton Corll . Bonnie, b.Nov.8,1956 was married twice: First to Edward Lamphere b. Mar.23, 1944 and then to Jerry Byers.b.1965

Howard and Helen Mae Gorton Corll: Howard (Ford, Charles, Jeremiah, Jonathan, Henry, Helmuth) Howard was born Sept. 20, 1935 in NY. On Jan/1,1956 he married Helen b. Feb.12,1938 in NY. They have 2 daughters: Bonnie and Helen.

Howard Lamphere and Isabella and baby Sebastian: Howard is a son of Bonnie Lou Corll and Edward Lamphere

Howard Leroy Corll's family: Howard is pictured at top row. Howard (Ford,Charles,Jeremiah,Jonathan, Henry, Helmuth)

Parents of Meva Estella Walker Johnathen and Elizabeth Corall: Jonathan Freeman Corll (Jonah, Jonathan, Henry, Helmuth) born March,18,1859; died May 28, 1943 Iowa; married December.31, 1879 Margaret Elizabeth Moore born October. 27, 1861; died April. 7, 1936 Iowa. Their children were Meva, Kathrine, Margaret, Harvey, Clyde, Charles, Alma, Alvah, Orval, Grace, Delphina, William, Joseph, Sadie and Floyd.

Sadie Corll( Jonathan Freeman, Jonah, Jonathanm Henry, Helmith) born July 25,1886; died Apr. 20, 1956 married Oct.29,1927 William Powell. Tey had two children: Arthur Glen Corll born May 11,1904 mar. Vivian Pauline Lloyd born Apr. 19, 1914. . They had three childrem : Everett, b.Nov. 23,1937. Rosemary born Feb.18,1942 and Gary. born Nov.13,1949. Art's brother Lyle Freeman Corll born 1912 mar. to Doris Beede.

Arthur Glen Corll b.May 11,1904 & Vivian Pauline Lloyd-Corll born May 19,1914 Iowa

Arthur Glen Corll, Vivian Pauline Lloyd-Corll, first great granddaughter Kerry Michelle Corll

William Powell & Sadie Corll-Powell, mother to Arthur Glen Corll Sadie born 1886 married William Powell in 1920.. Arthur Glenn Corll was born 1904 (father-Tom Vin????) married Vivian Pauline Lloyd and had three children. Lyle Freeman Corll, the other son. was born 1912 (father unknown). He married Doris Beebe.

50th Wedding Anniversary at the Kellertob United Methodist Church The evebt was hosted bt their family Aug 19th from 2-4 p.m.: Mr. & Mrs. Lyle (Jack) Corll, brother to Glen Corll

Paul E. and Diana Corll (Shippensburg, PA) and daughters Heather and Jennifer

Paul D. and JoAnn Corll, Berlin Center, OH with their three children: Michael, Jessica, and David

Carrie Corll Laug, see issue 10 Corll Cousins, December 2000.Carrie shown here in Aug., 1969 holds a "Carrie Corll Rose. the name officially approved by the Am. Rose Society in Nov., 1968. Her sons,who owned the Michigan Bulb Co., developed the new rose. The Corll Cousins issue gives an in depth story of Carrie's life.

l to r: Florence Corll, Ada Crouse, Freeman Corll. Carrie Corll (Freeman, Peter, John,sr., Henry, Helmuth). b. July 23,1880. Her Father Freeman and his brother Henry were two Corll families who left the Youngstown Ohio area in the 1880's and moved to Gratiot County, Michigan.This is the general store of her father Freeman in Nunica, MI circa 1910.

l to r: Paul R. Corll, Mary E. Corll, Ted Miner (president of the Ohio Geneological Society In April,2001 at the convention of The First Families Of Ohion we had four of our gr gr grandparents placed on the rolls of this organization. They were John Corll,sr., his wife Barbara Bailey, Nicholas Forney and his wife Elizabeth Sponsailer.. Paul Corll (editor of this web site, his daughter Mary E. Corll was presented membership by Ted Miner.. (Akron,Ohio)

Floyd L. Corll and Mildred A. Gundloch Corll, parents of Esther Keith. Floyd born Mar.21,1899 and died in NY Mar.14,1960 was married to Mildred bornJ uly 18,1904 IW and died July 5,1992. They had six children: Charles Herman born July 17,1922; Esther Mae born July 13,1925; Marjorie Louise born Feb. 17, 1928; Betty Lorraine born Feb.20,1932; Howard Leroy born Sept.20, 1935 and Donald Milton b.orn Apr.27,1941

Chaunce b.Jun.,8,1898 Austintown, d. Feb.2,1971 married on July 31m 1927 Harriete Amanda Freed b. Dec. 31,1904 and d. Mar.,1975. Chaunce is of the lineage (Jefferson, David, John sr.,Henry, Helmuth). Chaunce and Amanda had three children: Mary Ellen (Fink)l Lewis and Chauncey Jay.

Lamar Witherstine b. Dec.13,1920; d.July 25.1964 married to Beulah Visher. Lamar served in WWII. in thr TECS Ciast Artillery Corp. He is related to the Corlls through his motherl Irene Corll 1891 to 1966 who married on Oct.13,1910 Harvey Clinton Witherstine 1889 to 1985.

Martin Corll b. Oct 16,1864; d. Dec. 14,1927. Married on Oct.9, 1890 Laura Etta Flick b. Jan.18,1971; d.Sept. 16,1907. They lived at 1090 Raccoon Road in Austintown, Ohio Martin was a blacksmith.