The Corll Story, Part 2

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The Corll Story; Part Two focuses in on the descendants of Henry Corll. The descendants for John Jacob and his son John Jacob Carl, Jr are unaccounted for at this time.

Henry Carl and his wife Catherine had at least seven children, Two of the children are unnamed and my have died as infants. Their third offspring is John Carl,sr, born April 7, 1789. The fourth child is Susannah born July 14, 1793. Their fifth offspring is Jonathan (Jonas) Carl born Feb.4,1796. Their sixth child is Daniel Carl born Mar. 10, 1803. Their seventh child is Jesse "Justus" Carl born June 4,1807.

All the named descendants of Henry and Catharine named above migrated to Ohio in three migrations in the early 1800s.  John,sr.,Daniel and Jesse came to Ohio around 1812 to 1816 and settled in Austintown Twp.,Trumbull County.  Susannah married Andrew J.Stroup,,sr. and moved to Geeburg, OH. Trumbull Co. between 1822 and 1834.  Jonathan married a Anna Maria Sechler and moved to Hubbard, Trumbull Co, in 1822. In 1846 when Mahoning County was created from part of Trumbull and part of Columbiana Counties then the above destinations would be in what is now Mahoning County.  Their descendants are still found in these locales making up the highest concentration of Corlls in the United States.

The main route from eastern Pennsylvania generally followed the routeof today's Pennsylvania Turnpike.  It started out in Philadelphia and went to Lancaster, PA. It was known as the Great Conestoga Road (completed in 1741)and later as the Lancaster Pike. (opened in 1794) When this section of the road was completed the legislature granted charters to extend the road westward to Pittsburg. This westard section followed the Forbes Road. The Forbes Road went from Harrisburg to Chambersburg, to Ft.London, to Ft. Littleton, to Ft. Bedford ,to Ft. Ligonier and ending at Ft. Duquesne (Pittsburg).The Forbes Road was started to move troops in the French and Indian War (1756-1783).  Once the improvements were made to the Forbes Road the early settlers from New England and Eastern PA started their wagons westward towards Pittsburg.  This .in all probabilty.was the route followed by the Corll and their Lynn Twp. relations.

John Corll,sr. came to Austintown Twp., Trumbull Co., (now Mahoning Co.) by 1816. His first two sons Samuel and Reuben are born in Lynn Twp. prior to their departure in 1811 and 1813. As his family of six  (John, Barbara, Samuel and Reuben and two brothers Jesse and Daniel)) move westward a third son is born on Mar.31,1814 in Mercer, PA named David. One ref. History of Mahoning County gives his entry date into Ohio as 1812. John sr.might have made an early trip to preview an Ohio move. (This author doesn't believe so) We do know he was in Trumbull Co.  to purchase land in 1816.  In the southern part of Trumbull County (now Mahoning County) the future villages of Canfield and Austintown had been surveyed 15 years earlier. During those years many of the eastern Pennsylvania Germans  had gone to these townships and purchased land. On July 22,1816 John sr. and Barbara purchased 30 acres of land in Austintown from John and Alice Frazer for the sum of $500. (S.E. corner of plat 18). It is on this lot that he, his wife Barbara Bailey, and his brothers Daniel and Jesse moved into a log cabin which has a depicted location symbol on the Mahoning County Atlas Map of 1874 and recorded in the General Index of Deeds Letter N pages 127-8.  On June 18,1818 they purchased another and adjoining parcel of land located on plat 16 Canfield Twp. They paid $235.00 to John and Mary Linn for the property. 

Their property consisting of two parcels or 65 acres was on the border of Austintown and Canfield Townships (30 acres in Austintown and an adjoing 35 acres in Canfield).  This was the area where the German settlers had purchased land  Many of them had moved from Northampton County and established large farms in this locale. Some of these families were the many Lynn families, the Yeager, the Brobst, and the Stitle  families who resided to the south. To the north of them resided the Baileys, the Handwerks, the Ruprights, etc. many who were their neighbors back in Lynn Township, PA.

The generations on America: Helmuth and Jacob Corll represent the first generation in America. Their reisiidency was in Lynn Township, Northampton Co, (now Lehigh Co., PA. The second generation was Henry, Frederick, Anna marie, Jacob,jr. and others-the offspring of Helmuth and Jacob. Their residency was in Lehigh Twp. and other poarts of PA.  The third generation described in this story is the children of Henry. Six of them moved to Trumbull County, OH.  It is at this juncture we will describe these six children and color code them by background color starting with John Corll,sr, in yellow.


The John Carl,sr. Family: Statistics: i.Purchased land in Austintown and Canfield Townships in 1816 and 1818. 2.He and his wife Barbara Bailey are members of The First Families of Ohio. (Numbers in this organizational roll are 10191 and 10192) 3.John was a farmer and cultivated both parcels of land-65 acres. 4.John remained on the Ohio land until his death in 1887. 5.John and Barbara Bailey had six children. possible two more unidentified. Their children were Samuel, Reuben, David, John,jr, Peter, and Jesse. 6.John sr. represents the third generation of Corlls in America. 7.His life's story is covered in the Corll Cousins: Vol.9-Issue 18; December ,2006. 8.John Car ,sr. was born April 7, 1789 in Lynn Twp., Northampton Co., PA and died June 8,1862 in Austintown Twp., Mahoning County, OH. 9.He died of kidney disease and dropsy. Barbara Bailey was born July 3,1790 in PA. She died Nov.19, 1836 in Canfield at the age  46 years and four months. Both John,sr and Barbara are buried in the Old North Cemetery in Canfield, Ohio.  Barbara's mother was Susannah Lynn Bailey. Susannah married a Peter Bailey who died and remained in Berks County, PA.  Susannah came with her children before 1820 and settled near John Corll,sr, estate.  It is through Susannah that the Corll familiy is related to the Lynns and Baileys.  When Barbara died John Corll,sr married  a widow by the named of Elizabeth Dietrich.  Elizabeth was born in 1788 and died Sept. 20, 1864 approximately two years after John sr. demise.

The children of John,sr and Barbara Bailey Corll were:   Samuel b.Sept. 13,1811 in PA and died May 31, 1886 OH.......Reuben born Dec. 5, 1813 in PA and died Sept.29,1889 OH.......David born Mar. 31,1814 in Mercer,PA and died July 14,1887 OH.......John Jr born 1815 and died May 10, 1902 OH.......Peter born Aug,22,1817 and died April 28,1905.......Jesse born Feb.25,1826 and died Apr.28, 1910. One reference said that there may have been one or two more siblings but they have not been identified. They may have been infant births occurring  between 1817 and 1826. 


Daniel Corll was a brother to John Corll,sr. He was born Mar.10,1805 in Lynn Twp. of Northampton Co.,PA He was baptised Apr. 25,1805 in the Jerusalem Church in Berks County,PA. The sponsors at his baptism were Jacob and Catherine Kistler (friends of the Corll family).  He died Jan. Jan.3, 1855 in Brookfield, Ohio  In Dec.10,1824 he married Mary "Polly" Duncan: b. Apr.16,1807 in OH.d. May 19,1863 in OH

The children born to this union were John A.b.Sept.16,1825 PA, d. May 11, 1902 in Boardman,OH.....Commodore Perry b.July, 20, 1827 in Austintown,OH; baptised in Canfield with his sponsors John Corll,sr and Barbara Corll (grandparents; died Feb 15,1855 in Brookfield,OH. It seems that both Commodore and his father Daniel died in the epidemic and both of them were buried in the Brookfield Cem.......Wallace b.Oct.23,1829  d.Apr. 6,`833.......Martha b.Oct.28,1831, d. Jan.,1892 Brookfield,OH......Rachael b. Sept. 19,1833, d.Apr.13,1912 Austintown,OH;.......Mary Elizabeth b.Nov.7,1836, d.July 27,1903;.......Jackson b.1838, d.?.......Nancy b.Mar.1,1839, d.Sept.1, 1840;.......Amanda b.Dec.17,1842, d.Apr.12, 1914.

Daniel amd Polly lived on a 2 acre section of Polly's father's land in Austintowm,OH.  On Nov.2,1841 they purchased 105 1/4 acres of land in Southington,OH and on July 1,1842 they sold the same parcel for $1500. There is no record of their living on the land.  On the 1850 map of Brookfield ,OH Daniel owns 15 3/4 acres in section 52, plat 57.  He is in the tannery business with a man named Butler. In 1855 there is a fever (cholera?) and Daniel and his son Commodore die. Mary is now left alone with a large family to raise. The previous year on Sept.20,1954 Catherine Corll, wife of her brother-in-law Jesse Corll dies.  On Sept.30,1955 Mary Polly Corll marries her brother-in law Jesse Corll and she and her family move to his residence in Austintown, OH.

There is or was a Bible of Daniel Corll which I saw at one of the Corll reunions in the 1960's.


Jesse born Sept.9, 1807 in Lewistown,PA and died of old age on Nov.17, 1778 OH. His spouse was Catherine (maiden name ?) born Dec.17,1803 PA and died July 20,1854.To this marriage six boys were born and one girl.  Jesse was a farmer. The farm records of 1860 indicated that he had 75 acres under cultivation and 20 acres unimproved. The values of the real estate was $3000 and of his personal property was $500. Jesse and Catherine on July 10,1833 purchase fifty acres from Henry and Nancy Ellsworth and Martin and Sophis Ellsworth lot 15 for $150. On Jan.4,1831 they had already purchased 50 acres for $700 from Josiah and Sally Kistler lot 15.  On Jan.4,1834 they sold 11.48 acres for $650 to Henry Wehr. This transaction was witnessed by his brother John Corll,sr.  On June 26, 1833 they bought 48 acres from John Bailey for $340-lot 11.  On Mar.3,1835 they sold 30 acres to Jesse Bailey for $350. lot 3.    As mentioned, Catherine died in 1854,  Jesse's brother Daniel died in 1855 leaving behind his wife Polly with several children. Jesse's children were adults on their own so he married on December 5,1855 his sister-in-law.  Polly and her children then moved from Brookfield,OH to Jesse's farm in Canfield,OH

The children of Jesse and Catherine:  Jonathan b.1826; died 1894.......Isaac b.Apr.10,1829 d.June 23,1901.......Austin b.1830, d.?.......William b.1832, d.Nov.7, 1874.......Eli b.1837, d.Jan.10, 1883.......Gideon b.1839, d.Jan.12, 1908 and Amanda b.1847,d.? On Jesse's will dated Nov.17,1878  his heirs are living Eli of Austintown, Gideon of Beardstown,Wood Co.,OH,   Jonathan of Austintown,  Isaac of Canfield and the children of William and Austin.  Jonathan and Eli are given estate money for taking care of Jesse during his last days on earth


Jonathan "Jonas" b. Feb.4, 1796 PA and died Sept. 21,1870 OH. married Anna Maria Sechler b. May 16, 1795 PA and died Nov.6, 1871.  Both were born in Lynn Twp., Northampton Co., PA and died in Hubbard, Trumbull Co., OH and buried in Veach Cem. Hubbard, OH. Jonas was a farmer. He and Mary bought 27 acres on Mar. 26,1829 from Jonas and Esther Wannamaker of Liberty Twp. The parcel was in range 2, lot 12 (Ref. General Index to Deeds 1817-1830 Letter W pp 442-3.  In the same reference on pp 453-4 they ourchased 25 acres from John and Sarah Stroup for $200 on Mar. 27,1828.  Using the same reference except for Letter X pp 424-5 Jonas and Ann Mary sell 31 acres for $236. on Mar 31, 1827 to Isaac Hoffman.  Using the same ref. Vol.26 Jonas sells 27 acres to J. Wannamaker for $225. in 1832.  In Hubbard ,today, on the east side is a road "CORLL" named after them. Going east on this road when you reach the end was the location of the Corll farm.  It is now a housing developement with no signs of once being a farm.

Their children were Josiah Freeman,......Israel b.Oct.39,1836.......William.......Hannah.......Priscilla.......Elizabeth.......Eliza.......Jeremiah b.May 22,1815 d.Oct.31, 1892.......Isaac Rutherford b.Jan. 8, 1821 PA; d.April 25, 1886.......Jonah b. Nov.4, 1824 OH  d. Nov.24, 1901.     Most of the Corlls of Hubbard and Mercer Co., PA are related to Jonas and Anna Marie.


Susanna Corll b.July 14,1793 in Lynn Twp;,PA; d.Nov.19,1867 on Geeburg,OH married about 1811 Andrew J.Straub,sr born Apr.9,1790 PA and died July 4, 1776 KS  Their children were:......Nathan b.Mar.8,1812 in Lynn Twp.,PA and died May 19, 1880 in Ellsworth,OH.......Samuel b.1813l died 1859.......Catherine born 1816 PA and died ?.......David born Oct.5,1818 in Hemlock, Northumberland Co.,PA and died Dec.24,1894 OH.......Moses b.Sept.16,1820 in Hemlock, d.1908.......Mary Ann b.Feb.14, 1822 in Hemlock;d.?.......Lydia b.1824; d.1890.......Andrew A, b.1828; d.1900 KS .......Emanuel b.1832 and d.1873....... Angelina b.1834 North Jackson,OH and died Aug.20, 1893 in Newton Falls, OH.  After Susanna's demise Andrew and one son Andrew A. went to Kansas where they died and are buried. The rest of the children raised large families in Ellsworth, N.Jackson, and Newton Twps of Mahoning and Trumbull Counties. Susanna is buried in the Geeburg Cemetery in Ellsworth, Mahoning County.

Perhaps a little review is needed at this juncture in our story. During the first quarter of the 19th century none of the descendants of Jacob or Jacob,jr have been accounted for in Trumbull County,Ohio.  We do have the five children of Henry Corll living in Trumbull County. John,sr  and family s living in Austintwo Twp.  His two brothers Jesse and Daniel are living with him. Jesse moves out,got married and lives very near to his brother John,sr,  Daniel moves out,got married and for a short period lives near to his brother John,sr. Daniel and his family moved to Brookfield, dies there and his wife returns to the Austintown Twp. marrying her brother-in-law Jesse.  Susanna, sister to John,sr, married to Andrew Stoup with family moves to Geeburg,Ohio.  Geeburg is a short distance, maybe 10-15 miles west of John,sr's estate.  Jonathan or Jonas Corll moves to Hubbard, Ohio which is 15 miles northeast of his brother John,sr. All of them are clustered in Trumbull County within a day's driving distance by horse drawn buggy of each other.

Their close relations live all around them. Take the Lynn Family for example Peter, George and John Lynnwho lived back in Northampton County moved to Canfield Twp. and have vast estates of land adjacent to John Corll,sr. and his brother Jesse. They had settled in Canfield in 1804.   The Duncan family, although not German, settle in Canfield in 1799 one of the first families. John and Nancy Duncan lived just "a stone's throw" east of where John Corll,sr. would locate in 1815. Later he and his wife family would move to Lordstown in 1837.  Their daughter Mary "Polly" would marry Daniel, John Corll sr' brother. The Bailey family would arrive in the area before 1820 and the brothers would buy farms just north of John Corll, Austintown Twp.  The same was true for the Jonas Corll family that would settle in Hubbard, Ohio  The children stayed in the area and some went across the Ohio-Penn line to Mercer,PA.  Looking westward ten or mor miles from John Corll,sr's estate was his sister Susannah Stroup or Straub in Geeburg, Ohio. Her children would marry and for the most part have families living in Ellsworth and Jackson Twp.s.

Since this early 19th settlement of the Corlls in the areas just mentioned. this area remains the most highly concentration of Corlls to this day. Some had moved to Michigan in the late 1800s. Some have moved to Florida , California,etc. As to the lineage going forward we will place the names in outline form in the chapter on family lineage.

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