The Corll Story, Part 3

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The Corll Story part three depicts the geogra[hical locations of the Corll settlers in Ohio.  Behind in Lynn Twp., Lehigh Co. and Albany Twp., Berks Co., Pennsylvania, perhaps are some of the descendants of the Corll settlers in America, but to our known research none haing the Corll surname. It seems that most of the Corll emigrants left during the 1810-1820 decade and migrated westward to other parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Most of them ended their trek in Trumbull Co., Ohio. In this part three we will look at the settlements in Mahoning Co.(part of Trumbull in the early 1800s) and Trumbull Co.  I will be using the Atlas' of 1874 for these two counties.  The principle emigrants were John Corll,sr., and his siblings Daniel Corll, Jonathan Corll, Jesse Carl and Susannah Corll Stroup.  Their homesteading took the form of cluster settlements in southeastern Austintown Twp. and northeastern Canfield Twp and Hubbard Twp.  Remember that John Corll,sr. is the oldest sibling with his three brothers and sister Susannah being younger. Any other siblings of the Henry Corll family were females and as far as we know remained in eastern Pennsylvania uner their spouses' surnames.




We wilpo start with John who vame to Trumbull County in Austintown Twp.  He purchased land in Austintown Twp. in 1816.  He purchased the land from Frazer in the southeastern awxtion of Austintown Twp.  The thirty acres was in Plat 18 and is square in shape.  In 1874 this section of land is owned by David Greenawalt. The 117 acre plat forming the  northern border  in 1874 is owned by Wm Rupright (cousin) The eastern border is a plat of 100 acres owned by Frank Hamman.The western border is owned by Joseph Ebling a 20 acre plat. It is this 20 acre plat which will be owned many decades later by his grandson Cornelius Corll and this same plat is next to the Aystint Log Cabin one of the first homesteads in the area. The southern border is the township line between Austintown and Canfield. Traversing the Ebling plat and the southwestern quadrant of John Corll's senior's plat is a creek.  In the middle of this parcel of John is a square symbol possibly denoting his original log cabin.  It is this 30 acre plat that he first cut the trees and cultivated the land.

In the adjoining 35 acre parcel which he purchaded the following year in 1817 from Lynn he expanded his farm.  This parcel forms the southern border to the first parcel and is found in its entirity in Canfield Twp. In 1874 it is owned by David Greenawalt.The land to the west is owned by H. Wehr, the land to the south by E.Osborne and the land to the east by Adam Lynn. For the most part these families were cousins of John Corll,sr.

Because John settled in Ohio before 1821 he and his wife are members of The First Families To Ohio.  In the early days of the 1800s perhaps his brothers Jesse and Daniel stayed with John and Barbara Bailey Corll.  Their mother was Barbara Bailey whose mother was Susannah Lynn.  Susannah came with her brothers to Canfield in 1804.  In this northeastern section of the Canfield Twp. they settled and carved out large prominent farms as the breadbasket of the new and growing Canfield Twp.  In 1874 to the south of John Corll sr.'s plat are the numerous Lynn farms of George, Adam, John.etc. all relatives of the Corll family by the marriage of Barbara Lynn to John Corll,sr.  All the Lynns became prominent, well to do citizens of the the Canfield society.

In 1816 when John and his wife settled on their farm they had children:Peter, David, John,jr., Reuben and later in 1826 another child Jesse. (see the Story No 2)