Corll Family Tree

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1.Johannes Jacob Carl and wife ?:  At the time of this printing we have two brothers immigrating into the colony of PA from the Palatinate region of europe. The ship is "The Betsy" and the year is 1766 at Philadelphia two Corlls "spelled Carl entered America, took the oath of allegience and then travelled to Lynn Twp. of Lehigh Co. (then called Northampton Co.) and began serving as indentured servants.  The two were Johannes Jacob Carl and Johannes Helmuth Carl.  Both served their indenturism servitude, served in the American Revolutionay War and raised familes in Lynn Twp.  They attended the Jerusalem Church ,a short distance to the west in Albany Twp.of Berks Co. They were of the German Reformed Lutheran religion. Jacob,(wife unknown) had one son: Jacob ,jr.

   2.Jacob Carl,jr: wife unknown born 7,2,1772 in Lynn Twp. Northamptpn Co.PA:  Wife,siblings,and children are unknown.By the year 1800 both he and his father's families have left the area and their future recods are unknown at this time. Jacob Carl and Jacob Carl,jr represent the 1st and 2nd generations of Carls in America(see the 1 and 2 before their names) The following entries will take us up to the 11th generation in some families.  Many of the males in the early families had the given name Johannes (John) which was dropped in every day reference as they used the middle names

1.Johannes Helmuth Carl: This is the line through which the Corlls who read this lineage) originate. He is referred to as Hellem, Helmuth and other given names as the "Johannes" is dropped. We know his wife as Margaretha Elizabeth. Stenninger. He was born before 1750 in europe and died  between 1808-9.  He and his wife died in Lynn Twp. and probably are buried in the Jerusalem Church Cemetery. Helmuth,sometimes referred to as Hellem, was a farmer and had four children:Marie Elizabeth; Marie Catharine; Frederick and Henrich.

   2.Marie Catherine Carl:b.8,26,1781 d 1806; Mar. Johan Georg b.10,5,1841;lived in Lynn Twp.

   2.Marie Elizabeth 12,28,1772 -?.mar.George Braininger

   2.Freder9ck Carl and Anna Maria (ND) has two daughter'Fred d.1906 in Lynn Twp. He died in Lynn Twp. and was buried there.

      3.Hannah (ND)

      3.Anna b.4,9,1805

  2.Henrich Carl (Henry) d,1810; mar. Catharine (ND)  Henry and Catharine are farmers living in Lynn Twp. on the ridge. We have Henry's will.  He and Catharine are probably buried in the Jerusalem Church Cem.They raised a large family of which four of them migrated to Trumbull Co.,Ohio in the early 1800s.

      3.John Corll,sr. 1789-1852; mar. Barbara Bailey 1790-1636. John sr. purchased land in 1817 and 1816 in Canfield Twp and Austintown Twp. making them eligible and entered in the rolls of The First Families to Ohio. One of the Corll Coousins publications covers the story about John Corll,sr in detail).

         4.Samuel Corll 1811-1886 mar. Elizabeth Betsy Wehr 1812-1877 Samuel and Elizabeth lived on Tippicanoe Road south of Cornersburg,Oh. about a 1/4 mile or so south of the intersection.  As of 2009 their house is still in existence.Samuel was a farmer.

            5.Rebecca mar.Eli Yeager  Rebecca mar. Eli Yeager. The Yeagers were very proficieny farmers found in the Canfield area.  Rebecca and Eli lived where the present day Green Haven cem, is located.

               6.Infant Yeager 1867-1867

               6.Infant Yeager 1869-1869

               6.Elton Yeager 1872-1874

            5.Mary Ann 1834-1888 mar.J.H. Ohl . Mary Ann married into the Ohl family known for many commercial pursuits in the Austuntown and Canfield Twps.  The village of Ohltown is named for one of the cousins.

               6.John Ohl

            5.Sarah Corll 1841-1863

            5.Lucinda 1843-1924 mar. Sylvenus S. Porter 1844-1918

            5.Nathan Corll 1845-1911 mar.Catharine Kate Smith 1851-1917. Nathan was a farmer and tilled many plats of land around Cornersburg,Ohio,  He and Catherine lived south of Cornersburg,OH.

               6.Clyde Henry Corll 1876-1945 mar.Minnie E.Sprinkle 1874-1926

                  7.Robert Corll

                  7.Wilma Corll

                  7.Neva Corll 1900-1969 mar.Mr.Moore

                  7.Vernon C.Corll 1902-1969

                  7.Vera A. Corll 1902-1969

                  7.Raymond E. Corll 1905-1981

                     8.Raymond Earl Corll mar Margaret A.

                        9.Jeffrey L.Corll

                        9.Jack R. Corll mar. Sarah

                  7.Harry Earl Corll 1907-1951 mar.Edith L.   1905-1974

                  7.Mary  K. Corll 1908-

                  7.Ruth M. Corll 1910-

                  7.Gladys E. Corll 1913-

                  7.Dorothy A. Corll 1917- mar.Logan Getchel

               6.Ledora Dora Corll 1878- mar. Fred Grier

                  7.Lucille Grier mar. Eugebe Whetstone

               6.Fred Corll 1881-1917 mar.Mary Louise Legeot b.-1925

                  7.Nelson Corll

                  7.Loretta Beatrice 1906-? mar Dewey Bailey

                  7.Randall Cecil  Corll 1913-

                  7.Robert Leslie Corll 1915-1974

               6.Harry J.Corll 1887-1903

            5.Alfred Albert 1845-1882 mar.Jenetta Nettie Young 1858-

               6.Mellie Corll 1879-1880

               6.Stella E.Corll 1881 mar.George S. Meeker 1879-

            5.Emeline Mellie Corll 1852- mar Thomas Wannamaker

            5.Andrew Wallace  1856-1912 mar.Barbara Ellen Fullwiller 1858-1943

               6.Viola May Corll 1884- 1900

               6.Howard Ensign Corll 1900-1972 mar.Anna M. 1900-1983

         4.Reuben Corll 1813-1889 mar. Rebecca Peggy Byler 1913-1903. Reuben and Peggy lived on Kirk Road east of the intersection of Raccoon and Kirk Roads,  They were farmers, Their farm adjoined his brother David's which is referred to many 120th century locals as "Rose Lake."  David's house is still existing.  Reub and Peggy are buried in the cem. at Cornersburg,OH

            5.Andrew 1857-1917 mar. Agnes Ann Zedaker Corll 1859-1932

               6.Grace Edith Corll 1884-1885

               6.Cindia Corll 1887-1887

               6.Mary Ellen 1881-1933 mar. Clo Bishop 1881=1951

                  7.Helen Bishop 1903-1970 mar Joe Shoffner 1889-1966

                  7.Ruby Bishop 1907-? mar Mark Meyers 1901-?

                     8.Beverly Meyers mar Gordon Witherstine 1939-?

                        9.Ginger Witherstine 1961-?

                        9.Samuel Witherstine 1964-?

                        9.Richard Witherstine 1966-?

                     8.Ruth Meyers 1938-? mar Thomas Williams April-?

                     8.Kenneth Meyers 1944-? mar. Nancy Kimble 1946-?

                        9.Tracy Meyers 1967-?

                        9.Eric Meyers 1969-?

                     8.Karen Meyers 1944-? mar Donald Wyant 1945-?

                        9.David Wyant 1966-?

                        9.Melanie Wyant 1967-?

               6.Clara Etta Corll 1883-1969 mar. Clarence Elmer Held 1883-1949

                  7.Ethel Mildred Held 1908-? mar Edward Loncoy 1904-?

                     8.James Loncoy 1931-?mar Sarah Hernandez 1922-1965

                        9.Lawrence Loncoy 1961-?

                     8.Richard Loncoy 1936=?mar Isabella Kelly 1934-?

                        9.Richard Loncoy 1961-?

                        9.Pamela Loncoy 1963-?

                  7.Lester Eugene Held 1913-? mar Wilda Fullerton 1913-?

                  7.Marion Lucille Held 1921-? mar Charles Carolyn

                     8.Carolyne A. Carolyn 1954-?

               6.Gertrude May Corll 1886-1900

               6.John Reuben Corll 1899-1955 mar Margaret Warner 1886-1976

                  7.Virginia Corll 1920-? mar Lynn L.Wiseman

                  7.Muriel Corll 1928-?

               6.Eva Marie Corll 1900-1922

               6.Iona Corll 1903-1903

         4.David Corll 1814- 1887 mar Lydia Ann Forney 1826- 1895: David and Lydia lived on Kirk Rd. Austintown,OH in the estate called "Rose Lake."  They were farmers raising a large family. They attended the German Lutheran Church at Canfield,Ohio.  They are buried in the Old N. Cem. in Canfield,Ohio. David was the administrator of his father's estate John Corll,sr. We have pictures of David, Lydia and their children.


   .     4.David Corll 1814-1887 mar Lydia Ann Forney 1826-1895. Lydia came from a large family of 14 siblings whose father Nicholas and mother Elizabeth Forney lived on Kirk Road on the N.W. quadrant of the intersection of Raccoon and Kirk Roads known as "Watch Corners" and later as "Handworks Corners." Both Nicholas and Elizabeth Forney,like David and Lydia, are members of the First Families to Ohio.

            5.Elizabeth Corll 1846-1938 mar Elias Neff 1846-1929 

             6.Sertie Neff 

             6.Rutherford B.Hayes Neff

               6.Laura Matilda Neff 1875-? mar William Kincaid 

                  7.Merle Kincaid 1902-?

               6.Clyde C.Neff 1876-1946 mar Doris C. 1882-1934

                  7.Hugh Neff 1898-?

               6.Ora L.Neff 1879-1962 mar.Henry H. Lee 1877-1960

               6.Scrolla Harriet Neff 1883-?

                  7.Earl Neff

               6.Scott Albert Neff 1885-1952 mar Gertrude Lovina Carnes 1887-1973

                  7,Hazel Ellen Neff

                  7.Arnold Franklin Neff 1914-? mar Edna Rupright 

                     8.Thomas Albert Neff 1848-?mar Viola DeLao 

               6.Maybelle Neff 1891-1977 mar Roy Henry Quiggle 1890-1973

            5.Lydia Ann Corll  1848-01906 mar Nathan Blott 1850-1922. Nathan was a farmer and stone worker.

               6.Howard Marigold

            5.George Washington Corll 1851-1868

            5.Jeffersoin Corll 1853-1939 mar Mary Alice Clay 1863-1919

               6.Chaunce J.Corll 1898-1971 mar Hariette Amanda Freed 1904-1975

                  7.Mary Ellen Corll 1928-? mar Earl Dewey Fink 1921-?

                     8.Chauncey Dewey Fink 1946-? mar Marie

                        9.Keith Fink

                     8.Alice Marie Fink 1949-? mar.Roger Myron Rowbottom 1945-?

                        9.Georgine Rowbottom 1969-? mar Koran

                        9.Anthony Jay Rowbottom 1972-?

                     8.Marcia Jean Fink 1952-? mar Nick DePizzo 1948-?

                        9.Nicholas jr.DePizzo 1970-?

                        9.Adam DePizzo 1982-?

                        9.Ashley DePizzo 1983-?

                     8.Margaret Amanda Fink 1853-?mar Jim Ingledue

                     8.Lynn Ellen Fink 1955-? mar.Michael A.Mikula 1955-?

                        9.Miranda Mikula 1976-?

                        9.Leandra Mikula 1978-?

                        9.Samantha Mikula 1985-?

                     8.Kenneth Earl Fink 1957-? mar. Tammy

                  7.Lewis Jefferson Corll 1930-?mar Mary Louise Neider 1930-?

                     8.William Weskie Rosenberger 1949-?

                     8.Sandra Lee Corll 1951-? mar James Bissett 1949-1996

                        9.Jena Bissett 1988-?

                     8.Lewis Jefferson Corll 1953-? mar Donna J.Carson 1953-?

                        9.Charlotte D.Corll 1975-?

                        9.Alan I.Corll 1982-?

                     8.Thomas E. Corll 1954-? mar Sandra

                        9.Alex Corll

                        9.Joshua Corll

                     8.2nd wife of Thomas: Elizabeth "Liz"

                   7.Chauncey Jay Corll 1932-? mar Alice Jean Hopes 1932-?

                     8.David Edward Corll 1955-? mar Jo Ellen Costello

                        9.David E. Corll,jr 19750? mar Michelle

                           19.Joshua David Corll 2001

                        9.Duane Earl Corll 1979-? mar Tracie Lynn Russell

                     8.Geraldine L.Corll 1957-? mar Dave Williams 

                        9.Sarah Williams

                        9.Megan Williams

                     8.Ronald Allen Corll 1958-? mar Caryn Gay Dennison 1961-?

                        9.Amanda Ada Corll 1991-?

                        9.Elaine Esther Corll 1994-?

                     8.Paul Eugene Corll 1960-? mar Diana Carson

                        9.Heather Corll 1985-?

                        9.Jennifer Corll 1988-? 

                     8.Michael Jay Corll 1965-?

                     8.Nora Jean Corll 1978-? mar John Ranalli

                        9.John Ranalli Jr.

                        9.Marissa Ranallli

               6.Maude M.Corll 1901-1963 mar Ernest John Ausnehmer 1918-1962

                  7.Genevieve Gertrude Hacker Ausnehmer 1921-1997 marLouis Rosenberger 1914-1992

                     8.Louise May Rosenberger 1942-? mar Eugene Carter 1941-?

                        9.Carl Eugene Carter 1962-?

                        9.Robert Michael Carter 1963-?

                     8.Lewis Charles Rosenberger 1946-? mar Nancy Jean Chismar 1948-? 

                        9.Paul Rosenberger 

               6.Second husband of Maude M.Corll mar Christopher Hacker

            5.Monroe Corll: 1957-1928: single, stayed with sister-in-law Harriet Crum

            5.Harriet Corll 1961-1932 mar Martin Crum 1846-1916

               6.Harry R.Crum 1894-1961 mar. Lulu:Harry worked as yard foreman at the Youngstown Ohio Works, He served in WWI

                  7.Bernice Crum 1924-? mar Edward Hall

                  7.Beulah Crum 1930-? mar Michael Ragghanti

            5.Martin Corll 1864-1927 mar Laura Etta Flick 1871-1907: Martun was a blacksmith and had his shop at Handworks Corners.

               6.Clyde Elmer Corll 1890-1938 mar Sarah Battye 1985-1967

                  7.Esther Battye Corll 1914-? mar LeRoy Kaylor 1909-1987

                  7.George Brown Corll 1915-1995 mar Betty Heiber 1922-?

                  7.Clyde Elmer Corll 1917-? mar Maude Bulles 1912-?

                  7.Ellis Berwood Corll 1919-1995 mar Jacquetta Richardson 1914-1975

                  7.Jacob Rife Corll 1922-1979 mar Martha Germes 1922-1962

               6.Pearl Irene Corll 1891-1966 mar Harvey Clinton Witherstine 1889-1985

                  7.Mildred Witherstine 1911-01982 mar Alfred Grier Mildred lived next to her mother on Kirk Rd at Smith Corners. Alfred was a properous farmer at Smith Corners.

                     8.Wanda Louise Grier

                  7.Wanda Louise Witherstine 1919-? mar Charles Spenser

                  7.2nd husband of Wanda: Norman Frank

                  7.Lamar Witherstine 1920-1964 mar Beulah Visher

                  7.Vernon Paul Witherstine 1922-? mar Lilah Mae Knight

                  7.Gene Calvin Witherstine 1927-1955

               6.Lydia May Corll 1895-1987 mar.Harry Butzer

                  7.Marie Elizabeth Butzer 1914-? mar Henry Noris

                  7.Barbara May Butzer 1919-? mar Murl Hineman; 2nd husband of Barbara: Nick Glus

                  7.Laura Helen Butzer 1923-? mar William Davis

               6.Homer David Corll 1899-1967 mar Bertha Irene Thomas 1905-1968L Homer was very instrumental in starting the Corll Reunion of the 1960s and 70s.

                  7.Freda Corll

                  7.Evelyn Irene Corll 1923-? mar Lowell G.Cook

                     8.David Cook

                     8.Brenda Cook

                     8.Larry Cook

                     8.Kathy Cook

                     8.Don Cook

                     8.Allen Cook

                  7.Eileen Ida Corll 1924-? mar Carl E. Burkey

                  7.David M. Corll 1929-? mar Verna L.Rummel 1925-?

                  7.Leonard Leroy Corll 1931-1980 mar.Pauline Kloos 1934-1989

                     8.Raymond Lee Corll

               6.Emery Martin Corll 1901-1967 mar Ella Kathryn Boston

               6.Arthur Monroe Corll 1904-1971 mar Edith M. Carnes 1902-1965

                  7.Gerald Corll 1938-?

                  7.Glenna Jean Corll 1931-? mar Paul I.Cramer 1931-?

                     8.Terry Lynne Cramer 1956-? mar Daniel Higbee 1982-?

                        9.Daniel Higbee II  1982-?

                     8.Paul Allen Cramer 1957-?

                     8.Diana Lea Cramer 1959-?

                     8.Kimberly Jran Cramer 1965-?

                  7.Dorothy Mae Corll 1935-? mar Robert Arthur Miller 1917-?

                     8.Deborah Louise Miller 1955-?

                     8.Robert Arthur Miller Jr 1965-?

                  7.Donna Lea Corll 1941-? mar Melvin Lee Megown 1936-?

                     8.Karen Lea Megown 1964-? mar Russ Caddes

                     8.Daniel Megown 1965-? mar Rebecca Ann Sullivan 1966-?

                  7.Caroline Marie Corll 1944-? mar Raymond Wilson 1943-?

                     8.Raymond Wilson 1963-?

                     8.Laura Jean Wilson 1968-?

                  7.Sandra Sue Corll 1947-? mar Dennis Ray Clark 1946-?

                     8.James Edward Clark 1965-?

                     8.Sherri Jean Clark 1966-?

               6.Mora Viola Corll 1894-1951 mar Wm John Rupright 1889-1964

                  7.Car Wm Rupright

                  7.Richard Glenn Rupright

                  7.Robert James Rupright

                  7.Edna Rupright mar Ray

                  7.Hattie Rupright mar Jones

                  7.Virginia Rupright mar Conrad

                  7.Gladys Rupright mar Kochera

                  7.Vera Rupright mar Critser

                  7.Vera Mae Rupright 1912-1978 mar Curtis Shepard; 2nd husband Jack Critser jr

                  7.Lena Viola Rupright 1913-1970 mar Andrew Pantea

                  7.Carl Wm Ruporight 1915-? mar Mabel Adaway Burns

                  7.Ada Fern Devan 1917-1979 mar Roy Rupright;2nd husband Davavl 3rd husband Roy Dobie

                  7.Edna Isabell Ruporight 1919-1975 mar Arnold Neff

                     8.Carole Jean Neff 1943-? mar Dewey Bowman

                        9.Kimberly Lyn Bowman 1970-?

                        9.Carla Ann Bowman 1972-?

                     8.Thomas Albert Neff 1948-?

                        9.Byron Thomas Neff 1969-?

                        9.Jennifer Caroline Neff 1972-?

                  7.2nd husband of Edna Rupright: James Ray

                  7.Hattie Lauretta Rupright 1921-? mar John Marion Jones

                     8.Donald Conrad Jones 1950-? mar Lynn Adele Noeth

                  7.2nd husband of Hattie Rupright: Wm A.Baker jr

                  7.Gladys Marie Rupright 1924-? mar Martin Kochera

                  7.Robtr James Rupright 1927-? mar Nettie Hudson

                     8.Eddie Dean Rupright 1948-?

                     8.Donna Lolwtta Rupright 1949-?

                     8.Robert James Rupright 1955-?

                     8.Loretta Marie Rupright 1957-?

                     8.Connie Ann Rupright 1960-?

                     8.Wm Glenn Rupright 1961-1962

                     8.Deborah Mae Rupright 1966-?

                  7.2nd wife of Robert James Rupright: Jean Anderson

                  7.Virginia Elouise Rupright 1929-1976 mar Frank E. Conrad

                     8.Terrie Scott Conrad 1950-?

                     8.Linda Diana Conrad 1952-? mar Glenn Alan Carmack

                     2nd husband of Patricia Conrad: Christopher Cratch

                  7.Richard Glen Rupright 1952-? mar Doris Ewing

                     8.Nora Jasne Rupright 1952-? mar. John Creps

                     8,.Karen Michelle Rupright 1972-?

                  7.2nd wife of Richard Glen :Diana Hier

            5.Cornelious Corll 1966-? mar Sarah Ada Neff 1853-1926. Sarah and Cornelious had no children. They lived on Burgett Rd. Austintown Twp. next to the Austin Log Cabin, Both are buried in the Smith Corners'Cem.

            5.Charles Corll 1870- 1940 mar Jennie Albertia Gibbons 1876-1942.  Charles was a fafmer,lived on kirk rd,. west of Smith Corners,attended the church at Smith Corners and are buried there.

               6.Lewis Henry Corll 1895-1952 mar Gertrude Mellott 1890-1959.They had no children,Lewis served in WWI,worked at the U.S. Steel Ohio Works in Youngstown; buried in Salem Cem/

               6.Walter C. Corll 1902-1902; buried in Old N. Cem.,Canfield

               6.Francis Ivan Corll 1904-1982 mar Idelle Katharine Fusselman 1907- 1980.  Francis worked at the U.S. Steel Ohio Works with his brother Lewis as machinests; owned a grocery store  at Smith Corners; had a farm west of Smith Corners on Kirk Road. the family mausoleum at Green Haven, Canfield,OH

                  7.Robert Francis Corll 1930-1996  mar Naoma Upole 1931-1994. Robt. worked at the Ohio Works of U.S. Steel in Youngstown as a metallurgical chemist. Both are bur. in the family plat at Green Have Cem

                     8.Robt Francis Corll,jr. 1951-? mar Mary Elizabeth Maher 1954-2001.Robt has his own machine shop in Youngstown; Mary is the family plat at GreenHaven Cem,Canfield, Ohio

                        9.Rachael Elizabeth Corll 1977-? mar James Kostelic

                           10.Gavin Matthew Kostelic 1998-?

                           10.Peyton Michael Kostelic 2001-?

                        9.Amy Christine Corll 1979-?

                        9.Stephen Corll 1981-?

                     8.Patricia Ann Corll 1953-? mar David Lindsay 1950-2008

                  7.Paul Richard Corll 1937-? mar Vivian Morgan Ph.D.. 1940-? We are the authors of this web site.  We live in Ft.Lauderdale.FL.  Our occupations are teachers

                     8.Helen Marie Corll 1965-?; a nurse in Pompano,FL

                     8.Mary Elaine Corll 1967-?: a teacher in Broward County.

         4.John Corll Jr. 1815-1902 mar Hannah Forney 1820-? John was a carpenter by trade, moved around a lot in Austintown Twp.

            5.Angeline Corll 1844-? mar George Neff 1842-?

               6.Martin Neff

               6.Henry Neff

               6.Ella Neff

               6.Sallie A.Neff

               6.Erwin Neff

               6.George Neff

               6.Emma Neff

            5.Gideon C.Corll 1846-1915 mar Elizabeth W. Heintzelman 1852-1929

               6.Pheobe Luella Corll 1878-1932 mar Charles Humphrey 1876

                  7.Ruth L.Humphrey 1901-?

                  7.Agnes Humphrey 1911-?

               6.Helen D. Corll 1879-?

               6.Charles Edward Corll 1884-1961 mar Alta R.Button 1886-1948

                  7.George Gideon Corll 1906-1965

                  7.Emma Marie Corll 1908-1987 mar Gerald Krotzer 1905-1980

                  7.Edward Ernest Corll 1911-1966 mar Bernice Shelley

                     8.Virgil Charles Corll 1944-1952

                     8.Dale Lavern Corll 1947-1958

                  7.Howard J. Corll 1914-1955 mar Mable Sophia Jones 1914-1962

                  7.Harry Harold Corll 1916-1971 mar Mary Elizabeth Susdorf

                  7.Clyde Leonard Corll 1918-1937

                  7.Doris Corll 1924-1927

                  7.Forest Corll 1920-1975 mar Margaret Parcher

                  7.Betty Rose Corll 1933-? mar James Wesley Jones;2nd husband of Betty:Louis Kovach

                     8.Louis Lee Kovach 1971-?

                     8.Rosetta May Corll 1951-?

            5.Sarah Corll 1852-1881 mar Adelbert H. French

            5.John Corll 1855-1921 mar Jennie Flanders 1868-1941

               6.Daisy Ann Corl 1889-? mar Rodney Anderson

               6.Clyde Alfred Corl 1891-1925 mar Beatrice Nina Jacobs 1904-1921

               6.William Corl 1892-? mar Elizabeth ?-1966

                  7.Freda Mae Corl mar Diamond

                  7.Geraldine Corl

                  7.Phyllis Corl

                  7.Sharon Corl

               6.Iva Corl 1894-? mar Richard Scramlin 1896-?

               6.Autta Morris Corl 1896-1973 mar Sylvia Wellman 1904-1964

                  7.Kenneth Dale Corl 1924-1985 mar Eleanor Marie Arts 1925-1985

                  7.Stephen John Corl 1930-? mar Daisy Anna Ward 1931-?

                  7.Lavada Precious Corl 1927-? mar Floyd Vaughn

                     8.Carla Vaughn 1961-?

                  7.2nd husband of Lavada: Robt.Leroy Guthrie 1925-1958

                     8.Cinda Guthrie 1951-?

                     8.Larry Leroy Guthrie 1949-?

                  7.Zelpha Ann Corl 1935-?

                  7.Eunice Corl 1935-1935

                  7.Joyce Elaine Corl 1942-?

               6.2nd wife of Autta Morris Corl: Loyse Trumble 1896-?

               6.George R. Corl 1899-?

            5.Anna Corll 1862-?

            5.Morey Morris Corll 1866-1931

            5.Susan Corll mar NcNelly

         4.Peter Corll 1817-1905 mar Sarah Sally Rupright 1822-1896.Peter and Sarah lived at the SE quadrant of Kirk and Meridian Rd.s. Peter was a carpenter. Both are buried in the Old N. Cem. Canfield,Ohio

            5.Mary Ann Corll 1841-1879 mar John Ritter 1825-1866

            5.2nd husband of Mary Ann: Wilson Wehr


            5.William J. Corll 1842-? mar Sarah J. Strock

               6._____Corll 1868-?

               6.Lester Corll 1876-?

            5.Henry Cliden Corll 1844-1928 mar Sarah A. Furgeson Gordon 1848-1917

               6.Lillie E. Corll 1867-? mar.John Miller

               6._____Corll 1867-?

               6.Arla Ella Corll 1872-? mar Charles Medler

               6.Saraj Ann Corll 1877-? mar H.Sheridon Romins

               6.Darley Corll 1880-?mar Lulu Drusilla Osborn 1880-?

                  7.Henry Cliden Corll mar Nellie Baker

                     8.Richard Corl mar.Helen D.Schley

                        9.Rich Corl mar Lori

                           10.Andrew Corl

                           10.Robbie Corl

                           10.Robert Gerald Corl 2000-?

                        9.John Corl mar Cindy Jeffers

                        9.Mary Ann Corl mar John Ryan

                           10.Nicholas Ryan

                           10.Kyla Ryan

            5.2nd wife of Henry Cliden Corll:Nora Sheldon Furgeson

            5.Franklin P.Corll 1848-1926 mar Mary Ellen Lynn 1853-1912

               6.Cora Cory Corll 1873-? mar Wm Price Creed

                  7.Carl W. Creed

                  7.Mabel Lucile Creed

               6.Carlis Curtis Corll 1875-1833 mar Irene Kelly 1876-1964

               6.Lotten Lottie Corll 1877-1951 mar James Smith

                  7.Ethel Smith mar Jay Snyder

                  7.Mary Smith

               6.2nd husband of Lottie Corll: Mr.Reardon

               6.Early Ward Corll 1878-1940 mar Lettie Leona Hamam 1883-1971

                  7.Edward Franklin Corll 1915-? mar Anhela A. Congin 1920-?

            5.Freeman P.Corll 1852-1930 mar Mary Ellen Strouse 1856-1944

               6.Sophia Frances Corll 1874-1900 mar John Henry Johnson 1871-?

                  7.Mabel Johnson 1896-1970 mar Mr.Drease

                  7.Irvin Johnson 1894-?

                  7.Roy Johnson 1898-1966

               6.Annie Ellen Corll 1877-1972 mar Alfred Porter 1869

                  7.Vernie May Porter 1896-? mar Charles Edward Shears ?-1972

                  7.Ernest Ray Porter 1898-1932

                  7.Leon Harry Porter 1901-?

                  7.Ina Porter 1904-? mar Lewis Rose

                  7.Wilbur Porter 1906-1906

                  7.Loren L. Porter 1907-?

                  7.Harvey Freeman Porter 1910-?

                  7.Freeman Gordon Porter 1915-?

                  7.Emma Jane Porter 1918-? mar Leonard W. Brown 1915-?

               6.Carrie Lenettie Corll 1880-1976 mar George Laug 1877-1956. One of the Corll Cousins publications is about the life of Carrie.

                     7.Ruth Lucille Laug 1903-1989 mar Arthur John Yerkeurst 1901-1981

                 7.Forrest Corll Laug 1905-1996 mar Dorothy Marie Hosler 1907-1997

                     8.Carolyn Mae Laug 1925-? mar Robt Lester Booth 1925-1923

                        9.Michael Scott Booth 1949-? mar Sandra Kay Laug 1955-?

                           10.Justin Michael Booth 1979-?

                           10.Trevor James Booth 1980-?

                        9.Susan Terrie Booth 1952-? mar Steven Wiersum 1952

                           10.Jessica Kay Wiersum 1979-?

                           10.Amy Lynn Wiersum 1981-?

                           10.Christina Mae Wiersum 1983-?

                           10.Kenneth Allen Wiersum 1985-?

                        9.Nancy Lynn Booth 1955-? mar Richard Allen Luxford 1950-1994

                           10.Robert Allen Booth 1985-?

                     8.Norma Jean Laug 1929-2000 mar Robert Carlyle Gable 1927-?

                        9.Claudia Marie Gable 1949-? mar Paul Dauchy'2nd husband of Claudia Marie: Gary Lee Deyoung 1950-?

                           10.Dorothy Marie Deyoung 1971-? mar Patrick Kenneth Hendricks 1965-?

                              11.Kayleigh Lucille Hendricks 1992-?

                              11.Kara Jean Hendricks 1995-?

                           10.Herbert Deyoung 1973-? mar Cindy Lynn Blodgett 1976-?

                              11.Stephanie Marie Deyoung 1994-?

                              11.Brandon Robert Deyoung 1996-?

                        9.Karen Jean Gable 1950-? mar Daniel Obrien 1950-?

                           10.Daniel Koley Obrien 1981-?

                           10.Mo;;y Katherine Obrien 1981-?

                           10.Kelly Kristine Obrien 1987-?

                     8.Ronald Forrest Laug 1935-? mar Jean Gregory 1935-?

                        9.Tammy Laug 1957-? mar John Thamm  1953-?

                           10.Trienten Thamm 1997-?

                           10.Allison Thamm 1997-?

                        9.Jane Laug 1959-?  mar Peter Roaman  

                        9.Greg Laug 1961-?

                   7.Gerald Clair Laug 1908-1999 mar Jeannette Vandermaald 1907-?

                     8.Richard Laug 1935-?

                        9.Diane Laug 1955-? mar James Barker sr

                           10.Douglas Brian McDowell 1982-?

                  7.Geneva Henretta Laug 1914-? mar Theordore Roosevelt Hosler 1910-1977

                     8.Diane Ruth Hosler 1937-?

                     8.Carol Elizabeth Hosler 1937-? mar Michael Joseph Giblin 1937-?

                        9.Nancy Jeanne Giblin 1960-? mar Ronald Russell Johnson 1957-?

                           10.Emily Elizabeth Johnson 1999-?

                        9.Kathlee Ann Giblin 1962-? mar Thomas Peter Fitzpatrick 1961-?

                           10.Kellen Joseph Fitzpatrick 1989-?

                           10.Andrew Thomas Fitzpatrick 1994-?

                        9.Susan Maureen Giblin 1964-? mar Earl Frank Cotton

                  8.Alan George Hosler 1940-? mar Mary Elizabeth Bytwerk 1941-?

                        9.Linda Melaine Hosler 1969-? mar Brandon Blair Johnson

                           10.Brook Johnson 1999-?

                        9.Jeffrey Alan Hosler 1974-?

               7.Louis George Laug 1915-? mar Vivian Painter 1916-1999

                  8.Terri Laug 1941-?

                  8.Dennis Laug 1943-? mar Linda

                     9.Travis Laug

                     9.Audra Laug

                  8.2nd wife of Dennis: Bonnie

                     9.Wendy Laug Laug

                     9.Logan Dennis Laug

         4.Grace Augusta Corll 1882-1964 mar Perry Porter 1879-1947

            5.Helen Lucy Porter 1900-1947 mar Jim Stoner

            5.Harold Denton Porter 1902-1969 mar Bessie

                     7.Mary Ellen Porter 1904-2001 mar Clyde I, Nutall 1901-1979        

                        8.Clayton Nuttall 1935-?

                        8.Akice Lorain Nuttall 1931-? mar Joseph White sr.1926-?

                           9.Esther White 1953-?

                           9.Joseph Henry White jr 1950-1986 mar Debra Ferguson

                              10.Gerry Lee White 1970-?

                              10.Joseph Henry White II 1975-?

                              10.Bryon Christopher White 1979-?

                              10.Jason Alan White 1976-1987

                           9.2nd wife of Joseph,jr: Judith Ann Miller 1945-?

                           9.Roger Lee White,sr 1951-?mar Judith Wisegraver

                           9.2nd wife of Roger White sr.: Janice Lee Fordham 1953

                              10.Susan White 1972-?

                              10.Roger Lee White 1975-?

                              10.Christina Marie White 1978-?

                           9.Sharon Ellen White 1954-? mar Daniel Wayne Phillips 1953-?

                              10.Robert Wayne Phillips 1974-?

                              10.Jennifer Ellen Phillips 1979-?

                           9.Michael Anthony White 1958-? mar Carol Windisch 1961-?

                              10.Michelle White 1982-?

                           9.Steven Jay White 1962-? mar.Alberta Ruth Gleason 1961-?

                              10.Steven Gregory White 1980-?

                              10.Albert Dale White 1982-?

Note:This completes the first list of the family tree No.One having 688 entries.  Now go to the Family Tree No.Two